Commercials (TV and Cinema)

1Passenger Cars

2Vans, Trucks, Commercial Vehicles


4Suppliers (Tires, Electronics, Fuels etc.)

5Insurance, Finance, Leasing

6Road Safety, Accident Prevention

TV Programs


8Reports, Magazine Features


9Vehicles (Passenger Cars, Vans, Trucks, Commercial Vehicles, Motorcycles)

10Suppliers (Tires, Electronics, Fuels etc.)

11Motor Sports, Drivers/Riders Personal Sites

12Automotive Information Networks (Magazines, Motor Clubs, Services)

13Road Safety, Accident Prevention

14Corporate Websites

15Social Media (Video Blogs, Podcasts, Social Network Sites)

Online / Interactive / Multimedia

16Online Videos, Webisodes, Web-TV

17Banners, Rich Media Ads, Email Marketing

18Mobile Marketing (Apps for Smartphones, Tablets, In-Car Solutions)

19Interactive Videos & Campaigns

20Games (Online/Mobile Games)

21360-Degree Videos, Virtual Reality

Corporate Films and Videos

22Image Films

23Product Films: Passenger Cars

24Product Films: Vans, Trucks, Commercial Vehicles

25Product Films: Motorcycles

26Product Films: Suppliers (Tires, Electronics, Fuels etc.)

27Internal Communication, Human Resources

28Integrated Communication (Films and Videos as Part of a Larger Communication Campaign)

29Research & Development, Environment, CSR

30Road Safety, Accident Prevention

31Motor Sports, History & Vintage Cars

32Fairs, Shows, Events, Conference Openers

33Live Projects & Experiences, Video Art, Video Mapping

Production Arts & Crafts

34Best Direction

35Best Camera/Photography

36Best Editing

37Best Script

38Best Music

39Best Animation, Graphics and Special Effects

40Best Making Of


41Student Films